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You have consistently delivered THE BEST parrot toys with exemplary service for over 20 years! - You are successful because you've earned it!

-Joy   New York

Hi there


I received -today- your wonderful toys in Australia (1 med parrot, 1 lge parrot and lollies) and must say that I am totallly in awe! They are so beautifully crafted it it's unreal, and, you are right - my birds are already besotted with them!


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU and I hope you will continue to make these wonderful bird toys for ever. The pictures on your site don't do them justice (they look so much better in real life).


A very happy customer, and more importantly, a very delighted flock!


"Lisa" - Australia

       Thank you so much for your contribution of foot toys for our fundraiser sponsored by The Platinum was a terrific success, thanks to help from folks like yourselves...we raised a bit over $3K, which will be match by the Sterner Family Challenge....YAY!

        Again, we so appreciate your assistance....we couldn't continue otherwise.

        Best regards,



        Irene M. Pepperberg, PhD

        President, The Alex Foundation

 Parrots Treasure Toys Product Review

Lisa A. Bono


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The Parrots Treasure entire bird toy line consists of three materials — wood, leather and pine nuts — all of which are made in America.


According to the Parrots Treasure website, "The Dolphin [is] a must for our coastal folks and beach lovers at heart. It is embellished with a whimsical star and has lots of fun fins and flippers just made to be chewed. We cut this cutie from 3/4 [inch] pine and wood burned features are added, then loaded with pine nuts and leather knots galore on this fine finned friend."


Many years ago, I was sent a box of toys as a gift for my birds from a friend. She had told me her birds loved them so much that she wanted to share the joy with my flock. When I opened up the box, the toys were different than most I had offered my birds in the past. They were natural colors, no dyes, strung on leather and chock full of nuts. The foot toys were similar and perfect for Emma Lynn, my disabled African grey, who is often intimidated by toys that have a lot of parts and are full of color. It didn’t take long for all my birds to investigate and start to chew on the new toys.


When it comes to toys, do touch, texture, etc, matter to our birds? Absolutely. Parrots have intelligent, beautiful minds that need to be stimulated, enriched and challenged.


Parrots Treasure toys do just that!  The entire line consists of three materials: wood, leather and pine nuts. The natural pine, that offers that auditory crunch and satisfy a bird’s love of destruction, the chewy leather knots that beg to be untied and let’s not forget the goal of it all: to forage and remove the pine nuts reward that are tucked away in the toy.


Parrots Treasure toys are an original foraging toy. At first, the design was simple. but the toy line has expanded to include adorable shapes like parrots, hearts and squirrels. On each holiday, toys favorites are reintroduced and you can bling your bird’s cage according to the seasons and mood. Pumpkins wrapped in cellophane, flying bats, Easter bunnies and even Rudolph are available to adorn your companion parrots cage.


The creators of the toys take great pride in their product and are continuously cultivating a relationship with their clients. Parrots Treasure toys are not readily available in big-box stores. The company itself is women-owned and operated by two friends, Lisa and Dawn. Considered a small mom-and-pop operation, they like to support other small business like my store, The Platinum Parrot.


All Parrots Treasure toys are handcrafted and assembled when orders are placed through the company website. Toys are never made in advance, to ensure freshness to any consumables. Another bonus is that the toys are hand-made right here in the USA.  This is important, not just for American loyalty and jobs, but for safety and any toxic (foreign) concerns.


 Many of their customers enjoy the "auto ship” option and the flat-rate shipping with dependable postal rates.


Parrots Treasure toys, with their many enticing shapes and curves, along with the added hardwood pieces for additional exploration, are a hit on every level.  The commitment to quality, safety and outstanding customer service are the reasons they have remained a top pick among parrot owners for almost 30 years.




I have been buying toys for my 24 year old Timneh Grey from Parrots Treasure since the early '90s since I found them in an ad in Bird Talk magazine. Consistent quality and great play every time - for decades! They are the only toys I buy and recommend to my clients for their parrots

Dr. Michelle, Riverview, FL

Posted: 10/10/2013 2:29:37 PM



All hand-made toys proudly made in the USA